Keep Massage Therapists Safe – Protest “The Client List” on Lifetime Network

There is a new tv show being aired in April on the Lifetime Network called “The Client List”. It depicts a single mother working at a spa as a massage therapist who engages in illegal activity in order to support her family. This show will set the massage therapy industry back decades in their efforts to be accepted as medical professionals and it will jeopardize the safety of massage therapists in their practices. Although this show is fictional and meant for entertainment, it would be irresponsible to air it. In addition, this network has historically promoted positive images for women and been an advocate for women’s issues.


This show does neither.


If you would like to help make sure this show is never aired, please read the information I have linked to below and do anything you can to support protesting this show. There are petitions on-line you can sign, there is contact information for the Lifetime Network and of course we can all use Facebook and Twitter to educate others about protesting this program.


View a clip of “The Client List” trailer


“Clip the Client List” Petition Petition




Facebook Group

Massage Therapists Against THE CLIENT LIST


Massage Magazine Article


AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) Statement


Lifetime Contact Information

(310) 556-7500 (Los Angeles, California); (312) 464-1991 (Chicago, Illinois); and (212) 424-7000 (New York, New York).


New York Protest

March 15th

Massage Therapist Occupy Lifetime Network

111 8th Avenue

Wear your uniforms, bring your tables/chairs, give demonstrations, hand out educational materials!


  1. it is so hard already to keep our buisness respected for what we really do!! wich is to help heal the body… not this sick pervesion that this show is putting out. We have worked to get away from this, so we can help people and keep them from sugery, dealing with daily pain, ect, ect…..HOW DARE THEY MAKE IT WRONG!!!

    • Thanks for your comment. I saw several commercials for the show on Sunday while I was watching a show on A&E. They don’t mention she is a massage therapist, so I hope they have re-thought that aspect of the show but I’m not counting on it. Hope you signed the petitions too.

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