Neti Pot use is SAFE!

I have been telling my clients about the use of Neti Pots for sinus inflammation and congestion relief for years. Very few take me up on using it but those that do thank me profusely and say it changed there life. They no longer have to purchase expensive medications or deal with their side effects. I myself use it throughout the year as necessary and haven’t had a cold, flu, sinusitis, congestion, etc. in years. I also use it to calm down my inflamed sinuses which presents itself by causing my face to throb horribly. The cool wash really calms my sinuses down and allows me to go on with my day without medication that makes me drowsy.

But enough of my own testimonial. There has been a lot of press lately about several deaths caused by the use of Neti Pots, many people have been worried about using them. But as this MSN article points out, they are safe when used correctly and as directed. Please don’t give up on this wonderful natural aid. Its a inexpensive and has no side effects. Give it a try and you will see!

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